Sporthaus Schuster is a 5000 square meters and 6 floors situated on Marienplatz, Munich and is a Bavarian reference for outdoor sports materials. Committed to its tradition, its proud and passionate about the sports world of the Alps.
The project consists on building a huge LED wall, going through 4 of the 6 store floors (14 meters) where now takes place an indoor climbing wall, that would showcase different videos and animations.
The concept is to showcase the routine outdoor athletes, as well as the passionate connection between the city of Munich and the mountains.
The team came to 5 different design directions:
Full Depth World, Graphic and Text Info, From Outdoor Sport to Munich and Silhouettes.
The displacement of content was directed in a way that each of the 5 floors could provide a different experience to the store client on it's visit.


Client / Cliente: Sport Schuster
Role: Art and Animation Direction 

Client: Zeichen & Wunder
Done at LIGA01.
Full Depth World
Stages with Footage

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