My name is Gabriel, and I'm a Creative and Art Director with a deep passion for Moving Images and the stories they can build.

This passion and commitment to Design, Conception, and Direction of anything that moves (or not) drive my everyday creative routine from development to execution of ideas.

I love brands and what builds around them—from their conception and execution - following how they dynamically evolve and keep relevant to users and audiences.

I believe in the power of problem-solving through innovative insights allied to solid creative collaboration. And how an adaptive and dynamic creative attitude can foster the relevancy of output.

Having the experience of working out of Brazil, the USA, and Germany - contributing for several years in the Broadcast, Advertising, and Tech industries - allowed me to learn and adapt while constantly evolving. Both professionally and personally.

To experience different cultures, languages, and various working and thinking approach is something I'm grateful for and passionate about as a creative individual.

You can go through my CV here.
I'm currently in Munich - Germany.
Don't be shy. Say Hello :)
+49 1525 474 4998
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