Ein Jahr Joyn

To celebrate Joyn's 1st anniversary,  the Creative & Brand team commissioned the talented Amsterdam-based animation studio Plus One to create a lively, colorful, and energetic spot.


We are one, yeah! We concept a campaign to tell our audience about Joyn. 

We could tell the world how great we are.  But we don’t. Instead, we focus on our most important asset. 
It’s not our Originals. It’s not our app. It’s our audience. 

We want to communicate our 1st anniversary in a fun, unique, and authentic way.
We want to speak to existing users and the users we aim for.


Done @ Joyn in 2020.
Role: Direction, Creative/Art Direction.
Copywriter: Martin Pfetscher
Animation by PLUS ONE
Soundtrack and Sound Design by Out/Standard

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